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"Foreclosures create opportunities" Tulsaworld 02/03/2008

"Foreclosures are on the rise across the nation, though they've stayed steady in Oklahoma -- the 13,594 foreclosures filed in 2007 was 12.8 percent below 2006 and just 0.71 percent above 2005, according to  statistics from real estate data service RealtyTrac."

"Fed slashes key rate" Tulsaworld 01/31/2008 

"The interest rate cut, the second in about a week, has some homeowners thinking about refinancing."

Home defaults decrease in state Tulsaworld 01-29-08

"Oklahoma is one of only six states to report fewer foreclosures. "

"While Oklahoma hasn't been untouched by the crisis, analysts say the state was helped greatly by not having a sharp run-up in home prices or as much speculative borrowing as many other areas. "

Home values jump in area Tulsaworld  01-12-08

"Statistics released Tuesday by the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors indicated that most cities in the metro area -- though not all -- recorded a significant increase in home values in 2007."

"Doug Horton, president of Northeast Oklahoma Real Estate Services -- the multiple listing service that compiles sales data -- said the price increase was especially strong, considering that it averaged 3 percent to 5 percent annually during the last three decades." 

Banks OK despite credit crisis Tulsa World 01-06-08

"So far in Oklahoma we're not seeing a lot of effect of the subprime mortgage. Most of the banking industry was not involved in subprime, and we're not seeing the fallout from that," said Mick Thompson, commissioner of the Oklahoma State Banking Department."

Got debris? Tulsa World  12-18-07

 "Residents need to simply pull the debris to the curb, and the city will get to it as soon as possible. The limbs don't need to be cut or bundled."



"The central part of the nation has thus far been largely unaffected by the rapid price appreciations that were seen in many other geographic areas."

VeroFORECAST Strongest
Five Markets
#1 - Wichita, KS: +4%
#2 - Raleigh/Cary, NC: +3%
#3 - Sioux Falls, SD: +3%
#4 - Fargo, ND: +3%
#5 - Tulsa, OK: +3%

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